Tuesday, October 25, 2011

with a hope that you attain success and bliss with every light that is lit on the day of Diwali !

'' with a hope that you attain success and bliss with every light that is lit on the day of Diwali !''

Diwali wallpaper made in Photoshop cs5 by mee...

A screen-shot of creating the wallpaper in Photoshop cs5..

Monday, October 24, 2011

''Earth moving''

Earth moving
A short Animation clip made in After Effects by me..

Compositor - Manas K. Sahoo

Digital Painting / Bg made in Photoshop By mee....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's good when people do not love you.

"I was very sad, the person I loved most does not care about me and I was ready to die for her, she was least bother about it........" this lines are very common for us and we all once in life have passed through this situation, have felt the helplessness.
when the person whom we cared a lot does not like us. according to my understanding about life and this all feeling was these are something which makes us feel alive and hurting has same important as loving.
but this all was easy to say difficult to understand and even more difficult to follow.

Suddenly I was in bad trauma. As I was in reverse situation someone whom I do not like had care for me a lot and helped in very difficult situation of my life. Since I did not like her it was very difficult for me to take care for her or to give her same importance in my life as she gave me in his. I was feeling like guilty.
I will say that I was fortunate enough that the person herself understand and left my life.

but I am very thankful to her cause of her I get to understand the best practice of life.....
As when you cared for someone and other person is not responding you are very lucky

First reason is feel that you are lucky is that if person does not care for you the same you do for them you will never have to repay the debt of his/her love and care. (I believe we have to pay for our each and every thought, words and action in life..... Karma's. )

second reason to be happy is that you have got your freedom whenever you want to you can get in to another relationship as there are no mutual commitments so no hurts nothing to worry cause as I earlier mention when someone cares for you even for 0.1% you will have small amount of guilt to leave him/her but when these is not there you are free to do anything.

Third reason when you care for someone or love someone you are doing something good you are thinking very good about someone you praising for someone so if you are doing good then sooner or later you will get the return of it... do good get good (again as I believe in Karma good karmas are noticed down in our pass book of karma's bank record same as bad karma's are also recorded there so at the same time or in future that recorded good karma will surely work for your favor)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'A TRIBUTE to Padma Bhusan'

Mr. Jagjit Singh
''The depth of his voice spun magic. The flawless diction & andaz held the listeners captive. ''

As the mind goes into a rewind mode, all one can say is that the quality of his voice was absolutely matchless. just think of his performance of the slow and seductive ''Baat niklegi to fir..'', the lovably simple ''Hothoon se chhoolo tum'', the vocal intricacies of ''Umr jalwon mein basr ho'', or the hunting melody of '' Meri zindagi kisi aur ki'',and it is easy to understand the range his voice could explore.

He is a man who gave his everything to music.
The legend is no more, the inevitability of deth having embraced him in its all-encompassing arms and taken him far, far away from us.....

At this time a chunk from his great song comes to my mind which I loved the most_

''Chhithi na koi sandesh...
Jane wo kaunsa desh...
Jahan tum chalegaye...

Iss dilpe laga ke thess jahan tum chale gaye...

Ik aah bhari hogi...
hum ne na suni hogi..
Jaate jaate tumne ..
awaaz to di hogi...
Herwaqt yahi hai gum..
uswaqt kahan the hum...

Kahan tum chale gaye...

Chhithi na koi sandesh...
Jane wo kaunsa desh...
Jahan tum chalegaye...''

''A Tribute from the corner of my heart to the legend whose music has been an inseparable part of our lives..''

''For You Only''

I don't know what to say. 

I am blank. 

I tried to leave you i was so far fail. 

I started thinking about you , i wanted you to be mine forever. :) 

All i can say its impossible for me to forget you. 

I tried my level best to do so , I don't want to think about you , but all the things was a reminder for me , all our memories has taken a place inside my heart ! 

I don't want to loose you , I want to be with you forever ! 

May be I fake for you , but my love for you will never be fake ! 

I left everyone for you , i just wanted to be with you. Please ! 

If u understanding what I am trying to say so please try to come back in my life. 

I know I am stupid , Idiot . I don't know what actually I say , and i didn't mean all that , u know me from the start , then why we are far apart ! 

I tried to make you jealous , my fault ! but see its just that i want your attention all the time ! 

I want you all the time! I L.O.V.E Y.O.U !

Sunday, October 9, 2011

''A TRIBUTE to iCon'

Mr. Steve Jobs
Born on- Feb.24.1955 in San Francisco
Passed away-05.10.11 at 56 years
Founder & CEO of Apple Inc. and The owner & chairperson of The well-known studio Pixar Inc.
He is adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs who name him Steven Paul Jobs and raise him in Los Altos, california.

''Who brought joy to the world by simplifying computers and phones, logged out of life Wednesday, 05.Oct.11 following an enervating seven-year battle with pancreatic cancer.''

Steve Jobs was a college dropout who built computers in his parents' garage in the mid-1970s with his high school friend Steve Wozniak. They founded what is now Apple Inc. in 1976 to sell their creations. Apple,based in Cupertino, california, surpassed Microsoft Corp. in 2010 to become world's most valuable technology company.

Some Historical Incident came in the life of Steve Jobs in Apple Inc.
* April.16.1977 - Wozniak & Jobs introduced the Apple II, which becomes one of the1st successful personal computers.

*Jan.1984 - The Apple announces the Mac, which sells for $2,500,becomes the 1st commercially successful personal computer to have a graphical user interface & mouse.

*Feb.1986 - Jobs buys Georage Lucas's computer shop for $10 million and rename it Pixar Inc. From that day worlds well-known animation studio born.

*Nov.1995 - Pixar releases its 1st feature film, ''Toy Story'', which grosses more than $360 million & is nominated for three Oscars.

*May.1998 - Apple unveils the iMac, a $1,299 all-in-one PC encased in a translucent, curvy box.

*Oct.23,2001 - Apple introduces the iPod.

*Apr.28, 2003 - apple unveils the i-Tunes music store, which offers more than 200,000 digital songs from the top 5 record companies. '

*June 9,2008 - Apple introduces iPhone 3G.

*Jan. 27, 2010 - Jobs introduces the i-Pad.

''He is an i-Con Who Revolutionized Mobile Communications, Music,Movies, and Modern Culture, Made technology beautiful, Ended the region of personal computers,And changed our lives''

A heartfelt tribute to Him by me...............

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reduce your global footprint...come with us save trees...

Reduce your global footprint...come with us save trees...

''A story about a playful work by a small boy takes a great initiative towards our environment ''

A short classical animation movie made by Manas Kumar Sahoo and Team.

All rights reserved at Kumar Manas Films ltd.

Monday, October 3, 2011


A playful work by a small boy
takes a great initiative towards our environment ...

a short-animation movie by - Manas Kumar Sahoo

Releasing on 5th October in You Tube, Facebook, Follow the Dream(My creations), http://www.manas14.blogspot.com/