Monday, January 24, 2011

"A Humble Request"

It's a humble request to all my friends,visitors,followers and the new comers..please visit the blog and don't forget to share/leave your valuable comments...and please don't leave any slave/bad words creates a bad please don't do that....
                                                                    ENJOY UR VISIT

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


"Aaj ka Din mere life mai kuch naya laya aur kuch Bura...Aaj mera naya class suru hua(new software ka)..But jab mai raat ko FACEBOOK pe online tha to 1 new friend k saath chhating kar rahatha...but middle mai kuch anjane mai sayad ek aisa word boldiya ki wo mujhe bura samjh ne lagi...iss baat ne mujhe bahut dukh 2sri bar hua hai ki jab mai kisiko achha dost samajh k kuch boldiya to wo uski galat matlab nikal k mere upar bura maan gai....acctualy wo mere kisi achhe dost ka girl friend thi..aur mai kavi ye nahi chaha tha ki mai uss ki saath mai dosti karun...but ye saayad mere dost k liye huatha..ok..thik hai jo v hua bahut bura hua....mera aise koi intension hi nahi tha....fir v agar mera baat ussko bura laga to mai uss se sorry boldiya...but..iske baad mai uss se kavi baat nahi karunga....kiun ki aaj jo hua wo bahut bura hua............"


Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Chand sifarish video mixed with Nothing on u Remix by me"

"Different song mixed with Kit-Kat squire ll add. by me"

"Airtel new tune,video effects,transitions mixed with wild life video" (by me)

"Trying To Paint in Photoshop" (Photoshop Paintings By Me)

"Just Trying to Draw and Paint" (Sketches and Paintings By Me)

                                                         "The Parent"
                                             "A Rung Turn Can Be a fatal Mistake"
                                                  "Made for Each Other"
                                                     "The Thought"
                                                         "School Girl"
                                                           "The Sleep"
                                                            "The Fear God"
                                                          "Nacked Beauty"
                                                            "Cleaver Bird"
                                                             "The Parent.."
                                                       "Smile is the mirror of mind"
                                                             "The Beautiful.."

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Trying to CAPTURE"(photography by me)

                                               Glowing Flower
                                               Sun from Shade

                                                All Roads leads to Rome
                                               A beautiful morning after rain

                                                The Flaying Eagle
                                                Sun is Less Powerful from Camera