Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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''A TRIBUTE TO THE 1st BOND GIRL'' - Linda Christian

The Hollywood starlet of the 1940s who married Heartthrob Tyrone Power and went on to become the 1st Bond girl (Heroine of the 1st James Bond series).
She was died because of colon cancer. By then she was 87 years. She was born in Mexico.
She made her film debut alongside Danny Kaye in the 1944 musical comedy ''Up In Arms''.
A year after appearing in 1948 ''Tarzan'' and the ''Mermaids'', She married Power, one of Hollywood's most popular leading men.They divorced in 1956. She is survived by her daughter, her sister Taryn Power and eight grandchildren.

I made this sketch of her to giver a heartfelt salute to his acting....
A Sketch made by me...